If You Love Videography Go For GoPro 6

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GoPro 6 Price Comparison Why GoPro 6 GoPro just launched it’s Hero 6 version on 28th Sept. If you love to do videography, GoPro introduced many new features in its new camera which will amaze you for sure. The company improved … Continued

Beautiful scenery pictures of Scotland

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Beautiful scenery pictures of Scotland Scotland is one of the most visited place on this planet. Over 15 million people visit every year to this awesome place. Here are some beautiful scenery pictures which will inspire you to visit Scotland.   … Continued

Must have camera accessories to capture and edit high quality HD photos(2017)

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Argh! What the heck! I have bought a DSLR, thinking I can take some amazing photos. But these DSLR pictures are worse than my mobile phone photos! Have you ever got this feeling, first month into using your brand new DSLR? … Continued

21 tips on how to travel cheap and make money while traveling

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How to travel cheap and make money while traveling is probably one question every traveller always seek an answer for, do you agree? In this article I will tell you my top 21 travel tips and ways to make money while … Continued